As prime targets for criminals, banks have always faced major inherent security challenges. But banks and other financial institutions today have more business objectives- like evolving banking services, gaining market share, enabling sustainability, securing assets, enhancing infrastructure, achieving compliance, transforming the branch and even ensuring survival. During a time when the fight for survival often undermines everything else, financial institutions may feel compelled to temporarily side-line critical operational initiatives such as security.

However in a world of evolving threats, increased regulatory requirements, consumer expectations for security and intense scrutiny of the bottom line, financial institutions cannot afford to side-line critical operational initiative like security. Hence they must take the lead to develop security strategies that will protect their assets and those of their consumers while delivering value to the entire enterprise.

Thus a renewed focus on security is required and security must be viewed not just as a tactic, but as part of the overall business strategy.

The one day conference by Security Watch India on “Leveraging Innovative Security Solutions for Banks And Financial Institutions” will not only discuss the various security threats faced by the banking and financial institutions and but also the solutions to mitigate these threats.

Key points of discussion at the event include:

  1. Strategy on Protection and Physical Security for Banks and Financial Institutions in India
  2. Blending Management, Manpower and Latest Technology &Tools to Deter, Prevent and Detect Physical Crime for Banking Security
  3. Case Study-Using Biometrics for Banking Security
  4. Case Study -Physical Security Solutions for Banks: Intelligent video surveillance, access control, and incident response solutions
  5. Tools and technology to deter/prevent/detect physical crime against: Cash centres, cash, cash in transit, ATM
  6. Information Risk: The changing perception of risk and the changing role of CISO, identifying what are the key assets to protect and risk mapping approaches
  7. Cyber Defence- Best Strategies for testing, monitoring and detection for potential Cyber-attacks – Sponsor Speaker
  8. Incident Response: From Detection to Eradication
  9. Latest Fraud Trends and Developments: Bridging the gap between technology and compliance for Fraud Prevention
  10. Fraud Detection using Forensic and other Analytics
  11. Developing a Strategy for Fraud Risk Prevention, Detection and Response – Best Practices
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